Buzzkill Bed Net

Bed nets are the #1 weapon in the war against malaria. Bed nets break the transmission cycle by preventing infected mosquitos from biting new people. Billions of dollars have been donated in the past 10 years to distribute nearly 600 million bed nets in malaria-infested countries.

The current bed net design is more than 10 years old — and nearly impossible use

Most are tossed almost immediately or made into fishing nets, tablecloths, ties for animals, etc. Yet donors insist the current design is effective.

Happy Camper’s mission is to raise awareness for an improved bed net design. The Buzzkill™ bed net has 14 significant advantages over the current design. It is simpler to use, faster to erect, easier to store, harder to destroy, smaller to transport, lighter to carry, and more. The Buzzkill™ bed net uses the identical slow-release insecticide mesh as the current bed net, and is produced by the largest tent maker in the world.

I’m raising funds to distribute 10,000 Buzzkill™ bed nets in two malaria-infested countries. Field tests will prove the new design is either 1) better or 2) worse at protecting against malaria. Only in-the-field accredited evaluation can inform us. If these tests are successful, donors will be hard-pressed to not implement what I believe is a vastly improved weapon in the war against malaria.

I have invented tents for more than 20 years and have several patents in this field. I believe so much in this campaign that I’ve relinquished my patent rights, and convinced all the Buzzkill™ bed net suppliers and distributors to offer their services at cost.

Please contribute to our campaign if you agree with me that the Buzzkill™ bed net is worth testing in the war against malaria.